Artists United International

Glorifying God through the Fine Arts. This is what the internationally renowned Swedish family, Wågsjö, is accomplishing through a prophetic sound. Through their extensive work with well known actors, opera singers, musicians, artists, and dancers all over the world, the Wågsjös continue to encourage and support artists to go forward into their prophetic destiny in their field of art.

In the art world, there is an extreme thirst for a nonreligious God. There is a want for a God who will not condemn the fine arts and its artists, but rather be the expression of the fine arts. After having derived from a background in which his musician-father, Nils Wågsjö, was a pastor in one of Sweden's largest Pentecostal churches, after having studied at university for 12 years and obtained doctoral degrees in both violoncello and voice, and after having given years of international stage performances in the opera and in concert, Roger Wågsjö has seen that God not only exists in the church but also in the art world.

Roger Wågsjö shares the vision of Artists United International with his musician family. His wife, Consuelo, and his daughter and son, Michelle and Michael-Roger, work together as a family of artists and tour internationally. His wife, Consuelo, is both an opera singer and an painter-artist; his daughter, Michelle, is both a concert violinist and an opera singer; his son, Michael-Roger, is a concert trumpeter and baroque trumpeter. All share the message of God's love for artists around the world and His desire to express His prophetic Spirit through them.


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